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Why Custom Metal Benches are best for Fire Departments

Nowadays, custom metal benches are gaining popularity in parks, offices, and most especially, Fire Stations. While it is true that many other options are available in the market to choose from, these types of benches are most preferred for fire departments to the point where they are already included from the beginning of the building design.

There are so many reasons why fire departments consider metal benches the best choice. Let’s take a look into some of them:

  • Strength and durability

This is one of the main reasons why custom metal benches are preferred for fire departments. In comparison to benches that are made with other materials such as wood or plastic, metals are far stronger and more durable as they can hold up to 480 LBS. As we all know, firefighters frequently use heavy equipment. Because of this, installing furniture like a metal bench which can hold this equipment without the tendency of breaking apart is really important.

  • Thermoplastic coatings

Thermoplastic coats are very common in the manufacturing of metal benches. As compared to other coatings used in benches, thermoplastic coatings provide a more durable bench that is able to resist rust, corrosion, and even graffiti paint. Through these types of coats, cleaning benches can be done with the use of a simple soap and water combination.

  • Cost

While it is true that having custom metal benches manufactured may cost more than having them made with other materials, institutions are able to benefit from this furniture in the long run. Because of its longevity and low maintenance requirements, it is better than having to regularly replace or repair a bench that has already been worn out or destroyed.

  • Eco-friendly

When the metal benches must be replaced, the effects are very minimal to the environment. You no longer need to worry about the disposal of this furniture since these metal benches are recyclable. They can be remolded into other useful materials for the fire station itself or sold to offset the costs of replacing the metal benches.

  • More contemporary look

Since the construction or renovation of fire stations is already leaning towards modern designs, metal benches are often number one on the list. Not only because it gives a more modern look, but also because it can be manufactured following more contemporary patterns and structures. Yes, having a modern-looking bench made out of wood or plastic is also achievable, let’s not compromise the main reason why metal benches are chosen in the first place: strength and durability.

These are some of the main reasons why fire departments consider custom metal benches as the best option. Whether they are still on the stage of designing a new fire station or renovating, metal benches are already integrated.

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