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Choosing the Right Material for Your Custom Bench

When coming up with the ideal outdoor bench, there are many factors to consider. From design, dimension, and color to durability, purpose, and what’s needed for its upkeep, one has many decisions to make when getting the best bench for the backyard. The very first step is to decide what it should be made of, and from there, you can move on to aesthetics.

Decide on what you think is the best material for custom benches. You need to do research on the options available to you and the practicality they offer as part of your overall view. Walk through the factors that serve best what your concept is for enhancing the patio or the terrace behind the house. There are four basic materials to choose from: wood, metal, plastic, and concrete.

Before Making a Choice on Material

There are a few things one will have to take into account before choosing what material to opt for in a custom bench: aesthetics, maintenance, comfort, and weight. In many instances, all the materials that benches are made of can be set up in different locations as long as they blend well with the area where the outdoor seats are placed. All four materials have their individual aesthetic value, and we will consider this quality prevalent in all of them.


The most classic among the bench materials, it is often favored when one wants an organic feel to the design.
Weight – It’s medium weight, and a wooden bench is easy to move around.
Maintenance – As long as the wood has a layer of protective finish, it’ll be free from water damage.
Comfort – Wood is relatively comfortable, but it’s really up to the person sitting on it.


It’s the most adaptable in style, and this material can be made according to how one would like it to look.

Weight – Metal differs in weight as it depends on the design of the bench.
Maintenance – Metal generally lasts long if they’re coated with anti-rust paint.
Comfort – It all depends on the design of the metal bench and how long you intend to sit in place.


Plastic is versatile and can be shaped to suit whatever your vision is. It’s just like custom metal benches.
Weight – Plastic is the lightest of all materials and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Maintenance – The toughness of plastic depends on its design. They are, however, easy to clean.
Comfort – Plastic can be as comfortable to sit on as wood. It may be hotter though if it’s out in the sun.


Needless to say, benches made of this material will be expectedly the heaviest. On the plus side, they’re going to last a very long time. The only disadvantage is that comfort is not its strongest suit. One can rely on a concrete bench being around for a long time but forget about moving them around from time to time. It’s going to have to remain where it is permanently.

Time to Make Up Your Mind

Buying the right bench for your backyard can be just as important as planning the interior design of your home. The choices you make should add to its functionality and beauty. There’s a wide collection that you can choose from at Southwest Market Products. The best materials for custom benches are wood, metal, plastic, concrete, or a combination of them. Call us at 702-680-0952 or send us an email at for more information.