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Is Perforated Steel Furniture Eco-Friendly?

Let’s answer the question posed in our title right at the get-go: Yes, it’s eco-friendly. There are many types of perforated steel furniture, including those for the home, office, and outdoors. Ornamental objects and accessories that can readily blend with current interior designs that highlight modernity are available as well. Today’s airports and other transportation terminals frequently use perforated metal chairs and benches.

The term “perforated steel”, also known as punched metal, refers to a material that’s now a popular choice for making furniture inside and outside the home because it’s durable and lightweight. It’s already a common sight in public and private spaces today. They’re also used for external building designs. Let’s assess its pros in architecture and interior decoration.  

Environmentally Friendly

Metal is regarded as an eco-friendly building material for a number of reasons. It might be made from mined ores but, due to the increased focus on recycling, there are already enough of them available. You see, metal is now being recycled repeatedly. Even the waste produced by the perforation process can be reused.

It’s important to note that, while steel is considered a metal, not all metals can be categorized as steel. Having said that, steel is one of the most durable and endlessly recyclable resources on the planet. If compared to others, it is also the most reused construction material of them all.

Green Manufacturing 

Machinery used in the manufacture of perforated steel easily punches at rates from 120 to 500 times per minute. This means they have the capacity to cut thousands of holes in a flash. You might think that’s a lot of metal going to waste for a method that’s environmentally friendly. Those leftover materials are transported to a factory, where they’re melted. They can then be turned into eco-friendly, perforated steel furniture.

The Completed Structure

Design for a home should be complemented with furnishings that add to the aesthetics both inside and outside the residence. For strength, longevity, and beauty, perforated steel furniture is the best choice. This is notably true when we’re talking about benches, chairs, and tables built for outdoor use.

In addition to surviving the elements, outdoor metal furniture should also be able to project a strong sense of style. This special furnishing must be an extension of the beauty that’s inside the house and have strength in relation to the weight of the construction material.


Perforated steel furniture is produced from thick steel and aluminum, as well as other hardy materials. The interior frame is usually solid and gives the furniture the most stability in the joint areas. In the process, performance-tested finishing is arranged. The result is an indoor design steeped in modernity and a stunning outdoor setup, both of which are guaranteed to last.

Awesome Ideas

The perforated metal sheet is used in a variety of concepts for interior decoration. The same goes for punched metal that’s applied in the area of outdoor furnishing. Distinct patterns and shape options can produce a beautiful appearance, and they can easily be made by a factory that’s steeped in creativity.

We are Southwest Market Products, your source for extended benches, functional tables, perforated metal chairs, patio grills, decorative receptacles, and steel accessories that can be made to order. We make them fit inside the home and out in the yard. If you need bleachers as your seating section, we can do that as well.

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The Benefits of Perforated Steel Furniture

Have you ever wondered what benefits of perforated metal furniture can you gain from availing one of them? You can gain a lot of advantages from them because aside from being attractive, they are also efficient, long-lasting, low maintenance, and sturdy. Getting one of them and putting it in your outdoor area will probably be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Benefits of Perforated Steel Furniture

Here are some of the advantages of using perforated steel furniture for your alfresco furniture.

  1. It is Durable

You can be confident that perforated steel furniture is strong and resilient enough to withstand any weather conditions and natural elements when you choose to use it. It is also often long-lasting and requires no more than yearly maintenance.

  1. It has Natural Light and Shade

Perforated steel is commonly used as a material for outdoor furniture because it is good for controlling natural light and shade. You can use it like a wire screen, as a barrier, or use it for redirecting light and softening harsh direct light from the sun.

  1. It is User Friendly

Perforated steel outdoor furniture like benches, chairs, and tables dry quickly after the rain and stay cooler even under the sun, which makes them more convenient and easier to use when needed. You can also use perforated metal umbrellas as protection from the rain and heat while also allowing airflow.

  1. For Safety

Furniture made out of perforated steel surpasses wooden and plastic furniture when it comes to being fire-resistant and waterproof. Perforated metal chairs and other furniture are also highly secure and safe products, especially when guarding against theft. They are also safe for your and your loved ones’ health because there are no chemicals used in the production process.

  1. It is Visually Aesthetic

Perforated steel furniture adds aesthetic touches to enhance the appearance of your space and create a sense of peacefulness and comfort. It has a reputation as a decorative highlight but a more practical use as structural support.

  1. It is Environmentally Friendly

Steel is one of those sustainable materials that provides many environmental benefits compared to plastic and wood. They are classed as one of the most suitable metals for recycling. This is because they require little maintenance and can be reused in an infinite amount of time.

  1. They are Multifunctional

Furniture made out of perforated metal is easy to customize, form, and process in many ways according to your needs and to suit a variety of applications. You can customize them to fit the environment that you’re going to put them in or to make them unique according to your tastes and preferences.

Now that you know the advantages of using perforated metal for your outdoor furniture, hesitate no more and get one when you need them whether to decorate your outdoor space or for any other useful things. Avail of your perforated metal chairs, tables, benches, and other outdoor furniture at Southwest Market Products, and we guarantee that our products won’t disappoint you.

Call us today at 702-680-0952 and we will be more than happy to provide you with the furniture that you need and that suits your preferences.

5 Different Types of Grills for a Barbecue Party

Everyone loves a barbecue party! Well, except for the vegetarian. Grilling meat in an expansive backyard with friends and family is a great way to spend a warm season. One way to achieve the best-grilled dishes is by looking for the perfect grill type that will blend well in your backyard. So today, we will help you decide by listing the different types of grills you can find on the market.

  • Gas Grills

This is the most common grill type in America and makes the most sales in the market. It is very easy to use and maintain and heats up quickly, which makes it perfect for those who have a hard time lighting a manual grill, like cooking with charcoal. The downside is that you won’t get the smoky flavor you are more familiar with; it is a bit more expensive, and it needs proper handling for the propane tank.

  • Charcoal Grills

One of the oldest types of grills that are still in use today is the charcoal grill. Unlike gas grills, this takes time to heat up. But the smoke it creates and the smokey flavor it imparts on the meat make the effort to light this thing worthwhile. If you’re looking for an affordable option that offers the best grilling experience, then this is one of the best outdoor furnishings you can add to your backyard. 

  • Electric Grills

For homes with limited outdoor space, like condos and apartments, an electric grill is the perfect option due to its small size and the fact that it creates way less smoke than the other options. Since this type doesn’t use gas or charcoal, it is a safer option for smaller homes. The downside is that it’s not as hot as the other types, and it compromises the food’s taste because of the lack of smoke. 

  • Wood Pellet Grills

This grill is a combination of the three types above. You’ll use wood pellets to light up the grill, which is a bit like the charcoal grill type, can be used with gas, and is electronically powered. It’s very easy to use because of the knobs, and it can be ignited with the help of its power switch. You can adjust the temperature while ensuring your barbecue gets enough heat and smoke from the grill.

However, the only downside is that it’s expensive and needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet to work. 

  • Ceramic Grills

If you want a luxurious grill for a large home or restaurant, look for a ceramic grill in the market. Despite having an expensive price, it can retain the temperature for a long time without compromising the food’s taste. Aside from being expensive, these grills are also huge and heavy, making it difficult to move them around.

Choosing the perfect grill will depend on many factors, such as your budget, the amount of space where you’ll place the grill, and your preferences. If you’re looking for an affordable charcoal grill that can get the job done, come visit our website at Southwest Market Products. We provide high-quality outdoor furnishings, including grills, at an affordable price.

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The Bleachers Guide for First-Time Buyers

Who doesn’t know what bleachers are? Those rows of seats you watch indoor and outdoor games from are part and parcel of our school memories. When they were permanent seating sections inside the gymnasium, bleachers weren’t just for viewing sports activities. They were also preferred by young smokers or high school sweethearts to hide behind and, well, discuss the new science project.

Today, bleachers are no longer the same as the old-style tiered seats. They’re light but sturdier fold-aways designed for easy storage and portability. They’re usually made of aluminum. They can also be custom metal benches with rows behind that are higher as you move further back. They can be used indoors or moved outdoors. The more popular aluminum bleachers come in different styles.

Stationary or Tip-n-Roll Bleachers

The fixed bleachers range from 3-row affairs to 15 rows, depending on your specific requirements. You can have them put together on the surface of your choice: concrete, grass, or dirt. Some floors are better. As long as it’s level and can carry the load of the bleachers and the spectators, it’s all good. The most preferred surface for a stationary bleacher is concrete.

The Tip-n-Roll, or transportable stand, is a type of bleacher that can be moved from one place to another. This makes for a quick setup of ready-made seats for special events. Tip-n-Rolls are suitable for gymnasiums. They’re built in accordance with strict building codes and can be conveniently towed to where they’re needed. With this in mind, safety should be the top consideration when looking at buying them.

Elevated or Non-Elevated Bleachers

Elevated bleachers are stationary models that are raised above the ground and can be accessed by stairs and a walkway in front. The row of seats behind is higher than the one in front, and it progressively goes up to give the spectators an unobstructed view of what they’re watching.

The non-elevated type has a front row that rests on the floor. It’s still an arrangement where the people in the rows behind are seated on a higher level. They’re usually smaller and can seat fewer people, making them not as expensive as the elevated version. Both are made of aluminum, the most practical material.

Retractable Bleachers

This employs the practical system of pulling back the seats and allowing them to fold and be stored so that they take up less space when not in use. The concept is also called “telescopic” in reference to how some telescopes can be reduced in size by simply making them collapsible or foldable.

ADA Bleachers

These are seating provisions that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, a law that makes sure those who suffer from some form of infirmity are, among other things, not excluded from being part of the audience.   Wheelchairs can be accommodated on ADA bleachers, which also have a seat next to it for the disabled’s companion.

Custom-Made Bleachers

With the descriptions just given of the many different types of bleachers there are to choose from, you now know that there’s more to providing convenient seats for people to watch from than custom metal benches. You’ll find all types of attractive bleachers online, but, most of all, you can get them made to suit your needs.

For a ready-made bleacher or one that’s personalized, you can get in touch with Southwest Market Products to see what they have to offer. Bleachers are usually made of either steel, concrete, aluminum, or a combination of them. Your best bet would be aluminum. It’s cheaper and can be made portable.

For more information, browse through our company website. You can also call 702-680-6952 or send an email at

3 Benefits of Investing Bike Wave Racks in Schools and Parks

Bike racks in general are a reflection of a healthy lifestyle among their users. Not only that, but bike racks can also accommodate more bikers in considerably less space. The same number of vehicle drivers, on the other hand, will obviously need a parking lot. Among the different types of bike racks, one of the more popular is the serpentine or wave bike racks for schools and parks.

  1. Meets A Rising Demand 

Bike sales have increased dramatically in the past decades due to the growing awareness of the need for health buffs to have some form of outdoor exercise and a more practical mode of transportation in the face of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Bike shops in the U.S. even started to experience a shortage sometime back until it was addressed.

In the face of this boom in the manufacture of two-wheelers, it has become sensible to make space for them on the road and provide a place to park. There has also been a spike in bike sales and registrations in the past two years because of the pandemic.

  1. Provides Secure Parking

Bicycle thefts peaked at more than 96,000 cases in 2020. This was an increase of 56 percent, and it represented only those bikes that were reported stolen. If an educated estimate is made on how many of them are actually stolen in a year, it could possibly reach 1.7 million incidents. 

This is a worrisome statistic that can be easily mitigated by a secure parking spot. A reliable place to leave a bike can translate to increased transactions for an establishment that has one. This is true for a parking lot and is equally a fitting conclusion that you can arrive at for rows of wave bike racks.

  1. Inspires People to Be Health Conscious

The view of filled bike racks in schools, parks, and the mall can be a motivating factor for those who see them. This can encourage them to join the club by getting a cheaper and healthier set of wheels themselves. In addition to the physical benefits, studies have proven that cycling as a regular activity improves mental health.

The addition of safe bicycle parking in schools, parks, or the office can entice owners to hop on the two-wheelers that they’ve begun to ignore after the first few weeks of use. The health chain reaction can only be positive for those who feel biking should be a way of life for them. 

There can be a direct link between an effective bike parking rack and the prevention of health issues most people are afflicted with, like obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, bone injuries, and arthritis. The connection between the wave bike rack and the problems mentioned above is biking.

Long Story Short

An appealing bicycle parking stands that one can securely fasten their bicycle to should be the aim of whoever is planning to have them installed. They should blend with what students would find cool, those who go to public grounds for some brisk walking think of as practical, or what employees reporting to work see as risk-free. Wave bike racks for schools and parks, or even at the supermarket and the office, are a welcome addition for health enthusiasts who have taken to riding a bicycle wherever they’re going.

Consult with a company that’s experienced in putting up this kind of outdoor feature that’s easy on the eyes, practical to have, and possibly even inspirational for others. Get in touch with Southwest Market Products. We offer a diverse collection of American-made outdoor installations that you can review. Call us at 702-680-0952 or send us an email at

Choosing the Right Material for Your Custom Bench

When coming up with the ideal outdoor bench, there are many factors to consider. From design, dimension, and color to durability, purpose, and what’s needed for its upkeep, one has many decisions to make when getting the best bench for the backyard. The very first step is to decide what it should be made of, and from there, you can move on to aesthetics.

Decide on what you think is the best material for custom benches. You need to do research on the options available to you and the practicality they offer as part of your overall view. Walk through the factors that serve best what your concept is for enhancing the patio or the terrace behind the house. There are four basic materials to choose from: wood, metal, plastic, and concrete.

Before Making a Choice on Material

There are a few things one will have to take into account before choosing what material to opt for in a custom bench: aesthetics, maintenance, comfort, and weight. In many instances, all the materials that benches are made of can be set up in different locations as long as they blend well with the area where the outdoor seats are placed. All four materials have their individual aesthetic value, and we will consider this quality prevalent in all of them.


The most classic among the bench materials, it is often favored when one wants an organic feel to the design.
Weight – It’s medium weight, and a wooden bench is easy to move around.
Maintenance – As long as the wood has a layer of protective finish, it’ll be free from water damage.
Comfort – Wood is relatively comfortable, but it’s really up to the person sitting on it.


It’s the most adaptable in style, and this material can be made according to how one would like it to look.

Weight – Metal differs in weight as it depends on the design of the bench.
Maintenance – Metal generally lasts long if they’re coated with anti-rust paint.
Comfort – It all depends on the design of the metal bench and how long you intend to sit in place.


Plastic is versatile and can be shaped to suit whatever your vision is. It’s just like custom metal benches.
Weight – Plastic is the lightest of all materials and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Maintenance – The toughness of plastic depends on its design. They are, however, easy to clean.
Comfort – Plastic can be as comfortable to sit on as wood. It may be hotter though if it’s out in the sun.


Needless to say, benches made of this material will be expectedly the heaviest. On the plus side, they’re going to last a very long time. The only disadvantage is that comfort is not its strongest suit. One can rely on a concrete bench being around for a long time but forget about moving them around from time to time. It’s going to have to remain where it is permanently.

Time to Make Up Your Mind

Buying the right bench for your backyard can be just as important as planning the interior design of your home. The choices you make should add to its functionality and beauty. There’s a wide collection that you can choose from at Southwest Market Products. The best materials for custom benches are wood, metal, plastic, concrete, or a combination of them. Call us at 702-680-0952 or send us an email at for more information.