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7 Ways to Take Care of your Outdoor Custom Metal Benches

Being placed in areas that are exposed to sunlight, rain, wind, snow, and other environmental factors, custom benches are very prone to damage and deterioration. This is the reason why many property owners opt to have custom metal benches as outdoor furnishing. While it is true that metal is more durable than other materials being used for benches, it does not mean that it’s immune to damage.

With this in mind, it’s important to have knowledge of how to take care of these metal furnishings in order to improve the longevity of the benches. “Prevention is better than cure”, this is the goal of today’s blog saving you more resources caused by replacing these furnishings because they are too damaged to be used already.

7 Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Outdoor Bench

1. Use Preventive Coatings
One of the most preferred coatings used for metal benches is thermoplastic. This material is ideal for benches because it is very adhesive and it has the ability to seal itself into the surface of the metal thus avoiding its exposure to elements that may cause rust or corrosion.

2. Strategic Locations
Placing the furnishing in an area that would minimize its exposure is surely one of the ways to help prevent damage and make maintenance easier. For example, placing the bench under a shade would reduce damage caused by harsh direct sunlight, especially at noon.

3. Regular Cleaning
This is the most basic way of taking care of metal benches or any other material that you may own. This does not only ensure the custom metal benches are always at the optimum visual appearance, but this also helps owners or maintenance personnel locate tiny impurities that may cause bigger damage in the future.

4. Start with a Gentle Wipe
During the cleaning process, it is important to start very gently. This is to make sure that while you are removing the built-up dirt and debris, you are not causing any scratch to the coating. If there are any tough stains on sight, that’s when a thorough cleaning technique can be employed.

5. Use Proper Tools and Cleaning Materials
Different coating materials may require a better cleaning solvent than regular water and soap. Similarly, tools such as brushes and scrapers may not be appropriate for some types of coating.
To make sure you are using the best cleaning process, always consult with the manufacturer of metal benches as they will provide you with information on the materials used in creating your custom metal benches. They’ll also provide the most appropriate cleaning options for such.

6. Do repairs whenever necessary
Whenever damage is spotted, however small it is, repairs and basic mending are necessary. This is to avoid the damage from spreading or becoming bigger in time. This is important especially if you are living in an area with extreme annual weather changes.

7. Get Help from Professionals
Institutions and businesses would always have a maintenance department that would take care of their metal benches. But for private individuals, it is often difficult to maintain these outdoor furnishings without knowledge of proper maintenance and repair. So the most viable option is to get help from professionals.

Overall these tips are one of the best ways to improve the longevity of outdoor furniture. To ensure economic savings are associated with outdoor furnishings, work with a company that offers the best custom metal benches like Southwest Market Products LLC. For orders or any questions about our products, call us today at 702-680-0952 or send us an email at