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3 Benefits of Investing Bike Wave Racks in Schools and Parks

Bike racks in general are a reflection of a healthy lifestyle among their users. Not only that, but bike racks can also accommodate more bikers in considerably less space. The same number of vehicle drivers, on the other hand, will obviously need a parking lot. Among the different types of bike racks, one of the more popular is the serpentine or wave bike racks for schools and parks.

  1. Meets A Rising Demand 

Bike sales have increased dramatically in the past decades due to the growing awareness of the need for health buffs to have some form of outdoor exercise and a more practical mode of transportation in the face of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Bike shops in the U.S. even started to experience a shortage sometime back until it was addressed.

In the face of this boom in the manufacture of two-wheelers, it has become sensible to make space for them on the road and provide a place to park. There has also been a spike in bike sales and registrations in the past two years because of the pandemic.

  1. Provides Secure Parking

Bicycle thefts peaked at more than 96,000 cases in 2020. This was an increase of 56 percent, and it represented only those bikes that were reported stolen. If an educated estimate is made on how many of them are actually stolen in a year, it could possibly reach 1.7 million incidents. 

This is a worrisome statistic that can be easily mitigated by a secure parking spot. A reliable place to leave a bike can translate to increased transactions for an establishment that has one. This is true for a parking lot and is equally a fitting conclusion that you can arrive at for rows of wave bike racks.

  1. Inspires People to Be Health Conscious

The view of filled bike racks in schools, parks, and the mall can be a motivating factor for those who see them. This can encourage them to join the club by getting a cheaper and healthier set of wheels themselves. In addition to the physical benefits, studies have proven that cycling as a regular activity improves mental health.

The addition of safe bicycle parking in schools, parks, or the office can entice owners to hop on the two-wheelers that they’ve begun to ignore after the first few weeks of use. The health chain reaction can only be positive for those who feel biking should be a way of life for them. 

There can be a direct link between an effective bike parking rack and the prevention of health issues most people are afflicted with, like obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, bone injuries, and arthritis. The connection between the wave bike rack and the problems mentioned above is biking.

Long Story Short

An appealing bicycle parking stands that one can securely fasten their bicycle to should be the aim of whoever is planning to have them installed. They should blend with what students would find cool, those who go to public grounds for some brisk walking think of as practical, or what employees reporting to work see as risk-free. Wave bike racks for schools and parks, or even at the supermarket and the office, are a welcome addition for health enthusiasts who have taken to riding a bicycle wherever they’re going.

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